Grace – An Exposition of God’s Marvelous Gift

This book contains the most complete definition and description of grace that I have ever read. Dr. Chafer covers the entire spectrum of Grace.  The first paragraph in his Conclusion describes the content:

Grace, more than any other single word, is the expression of the sum total of all that enters into
Christianity. The various divine undertakings in grace have been stated in these pages and it has been
seen that, through the work of Christ on the cross and through the divine purposes and decrees for this
dispensation, it is thorugh grace that hell-deserving sinners are saved, it is through grace that they are
preserved and are to be presented like Christ in glory, and it is "under grace" that the saved one now
lives. Being under grace, he is "dead" to the law, and "delivered" from the law, whether the law is
conceived of as being a rule of life, an obligation to establish merit before God, or a reliance upon the
energy of the flesh.

Rev. RB Thieme Jr. was a student of Dr. Chafer at Dallas Theological Seminary in the late 1940s. Rev Thieme said that Dr. Chafer was the most grace oriented man he ever knew.
If you read this book, you will understand why.

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